1st Prize at International European Competition DHV Special Avards National Identity of Ceters of European Cityes after 1992; Maastricht, Holand 1992


»Maastricht«, steel, perspex, films, 1/1/1 m, 1992

The explanation given by the students: »Our identity is built on our extreme openness to all the ideas and influences, which no civilization concerned about its further progress could reject. In this respect we are very broad indeed, nevertheless we have always remained attached to the tradition and to the place. Quite possibly, this sentiment is being nourished and preserved just because we are a small community.«, very well interprets the intention of the brief that creating national identity doesn’t necessarily mean to be dogmatic and isolating. That is why the lyricism pressed by the mature interpretation of the brief, not by answering in a narrow sense, but by combining a surprising looseness of conception with a perplexing rigidity of presentation. The jury considers the analysis behind the concept of an outstanding quality and would like to quote here once more the explanation given by the students, since this text better than any other words illustrates the unpretentious way the winners solve the question of national identity.

»Our contribution towards deeper understanding of our identity could be explained as follows — to be able to freely decide as to what and when is a new element, which enriches our culture, given that we can always adapt the novelty to our own taste and needs. We do not create World’s cultural and civilization trends, we merely adopt the idea, and materialize it in a manner typical our own.«

The jury is convinced that this statement creates hope for a positive development of national identity and advises the students to remain aware of the abstract notion the cage symbolizes and the danger inherent to rigid structures.