Introduction to Theory of Fine Art(s)

The Subject is not Active


1 Introductory Lecture — What kind of theory is theory of fine art(s)

Thursday, March 4th 2021

2 Theory of Fine Art(s) and 
the Subject of Theory of Fine Art(s)

Thursday, March 11th 2021

3 Form and Content

Thursday, March 18th 2021

4 Art and Typography — Architecture and Typography

Thursday, March 25th 2021

5 Shape — Handwork — Essential Elements and Minimal Semantic Values

Thursday, April 1st 2021

6 Perceptive Realisation of the Shape — Coloration, Illumination, (Superficial) Texture, Optical Density

Thursday, April 8th 2021

7 Shape — Craft — Shape Based System

Thursday, April 15th 2021

8 Perceptive Realisation 
of Space — Coloration, illumination, (superficial) texture, optical density

Thursday, April 22nd 2021

9 Shape — System — System Before the Shape — The Independent System

Thursday, April 29th 2021

10 Color Theory — About Color and the Bright—Dark

Thursday, May 6th 2021

11 Color Contrasts

Thursday, May 13th 2021

12 Zone System — About personal (special) needs adapted theory of fine art(s)

Thursday, May 20th 2021

13 The Art Of Multioriginals — Overview of the Key Definitions

Not this year

14 What is Art

Not this year

15 Conclusion — Critique of the Exercises

Wednesday, May 27th 2020


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In German

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In Italian

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Exam – Essay

I am asking you to do a quick survey in your home country.
Find out who in your home country is working on the theory of (fine) art(s).
I am especially interested in theorists working after 1945.
Write a list of names.
Choose among them the one who you find the most interesting for you.
Present his concept in a spread sheet format. See examples.
Explain what is written in the spread sheet on five pages. (A page is 1800 characters including spaces.)


1Jaroslav Volek 1923–1989
2Władysław Strzemiński 1893–1952
3Henry van de Velde 1863–1957