7th Task



Building in an Order


Arrange the material provided on a grid. Page size is 1080 x 1920 px (h x w). Create three variations all using the same grid. Do two compositions using smaller elements only, and one composition that introduces some additional sizes of elements.


A grid organizes elements in the format and across the formats. A grid can consist of a single column framed by margins, or it may have multiple columns. When you design a grid, you typically begin with vertical divisions (columns), and then add horizontal divisions.

Reading about the grid (don’t skip it):

The key reading: Karl Gerstner: Designing Programmes — pdf

Josef Müller—Brockmann: Grid systems in graphic design / Rastersysteme in die visuelle Gestaltung — pdf

Some predesigned grids for InDesign: The Grid System, particularly on this page.

Consider doing the homework on the 580 x 420 mm format (newspaper delo).

Or, if you prefer to do the exercise on the architecture: width 54,4 m, depth 23,6 m and height of the cornice 22 m. Compose the façades af a palace. Palaces allways had odd number of window axes; from three up to nine.

Present your work on 1080 x 1920 px (h x w) frames.

Form of delivery

All in a single pdf file with the title: name surname 7.pdf