6th Task

Building in an Order


Composition out of a lot of signs. Within a 1080 x 1920 px (h x w) surface, compose the composition out of a lot of signs in a manner that expresses its meaning. Use variations in alignment, leading, line length, orientation, and spacing. Avoid variations in weight or style.


No swimming. The most common problem students encounter with this project is what I call »swimming«. This happens when you start changing the size, style, spacing, and/or orientation of the sign from group of signs to another group or line to line without having a sense of structure that holds the composition together. Avoid swimming by sketching ideas before you start working on the computer. Read the text; understand its basic meaning; break it into parts. How do those parts relate to typographic forms and structures? Don’t just jump in: think first.


»I wanted a computer—generated or computer—processed drawing. But, since I did not have a computer, I began to think like a computer instead. This way of thinking does not allow visual corrections. Consequently, all relationships between elements in the drawing are exactly the way they are. They are not concealed, which is achieved subconsciously when drawing by hand. Later, when the opportunity arose, I transferred all drawings to a computer. I changed and combined some of them, but in the process I discovered that the implementation of a work of art has a special charm and that the computer deprives us of many things. But it is an excellent simulation tool. In retrospect, I tried to arrange drawings into logical units. I added text that, again, in retrospect speaks about my thoughts triggered by the drawings. But this is only a small proportion of all my thoughts. I designed linear drawings without any illusion of the third dimension. Nevertheless, every composition can be translated into sculpture.«


»Lord of the System 3« from Lord of the System

Form of delivery

All in a single pdf file with the title: name surname 6.pdf