4th Task



Two composition on the themes of two conceptions choosen from the list.

Composition composed from the elements of the font.


The composition is 1020 x 1020 px. Vary the size, spacing, placement, and orientation of the signs.

Use »typographies« or typographies you have made last week. Feel free to adjust the fonts.

Make two compositions representing concepts from the list provided. Create a composition for each conception that expresses the meaning of the word. (Type specimen)

You may repeat, omit, slice, block, or overlap signs or shapes. Do not use drop shadows or horizontal/vertical scaling (distortion). Consider the entire space of the square.


»Glue« your two trimmed compositions to a sheet of 1080 x 1920 px (h x w).


compession, transition, shrinking, addition, subtraction, disturbing, repetition, skipping, migration, broadening

Form of delivery

All in a single pdf file with the title: name surname 4.pdf