3rd Task

Signs made from »Lego Bricks«


In the previous assignment, you developed a system of modularly constructed signs using a stencil. Repeat a similar process again, but on a smaller scale. Look at how an individual sign could be built from »lego bricks«.

Use FontStruct. Choose only a few basic shapes. From the set of »cubes« from the palette on the left side of »All Bricks«, first select the »cubes« with which you will build all the characters. Collect them in the »My Bricks« palette.

Imagine building characters from pixels. Build them in a matrix that is not too big, otherwise anything is possible. I suggest 9 x 9.

If possible make all 22 characters.

Generate the font and upload it. Try to write with it.

Make a font specimen. It is usually upright. »Paste« it in the landscape format 1080 x 1920 px (height x width)

For the better imagination, there are examples of student works from the 2013—2014 workshop.


Example of the specimen: Domen Fras Pesjan Debu 2011

Form of delivery

All in a single pdf file with the title: name surname 3.pdf